Day off the bike with Sooner

My English hound, Sooner.


Sooner has been acting funny lately and I think hes been depressed. Like me he isn’t a big fan of the cold weather and we have mostly just been staying in.Some of our friends we use to hunt with stopped my the other night, usually Sooner doesn’t really like company but he was really excited to see them, and after they left he whined and cried all night. It has been a while since I’ve hunted him or even taken him to the woods, and I think he needed to some time out running with the pack.

Sooner and Fat Abby before the snow.


I have been training pretty hard on the trainer lately and needed a recovery day anyway so I decided to take Sooner out for a run and see if I couldn’t get him cheered up a bit. It seemed like a good way to get in some active recovery, and I decided to take my camera along to take some pictures. We have been seeing some bears around lately, and even though they usually run from us I decided to bring my .22 rifle just in case. We didn’t see an bears but Sooner did run off a coyote, which made his day.

Staying on the lookout for bears and coyotes.

We were out for about 3 hours, and it seemed to do the trick. Sooner is back to his normal happy self. Here are some pictures that I took through out the day.


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